How Important is Google to you Business?

How Important is Google to Your Business?

Google Blackout!  5 Minutes That Changed Everything!

On August 16th 2013 between 6:52PM and 6:57PM Eastern US Time, Google experienced a rare “black out” where if you went to you got nothing…

Every other website on the internet was still up and running:  Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, ESPN, Fox News, Drudge Report,, Amazon, porn sites and all the other millions of little sites.  And yet even though all these sites were running, many web surfers chose to sign off the internet and do something else and wait until the black out ended.

So, how many people signed off the internet?  What do you think was the resulting drop in total internet traffic?

a.  1% drop

b.  3% drop

c.  7% drop

Remember, before you answer, it was just Google that was down.  All the other monster websites were NOT affected.

Are you ready for the answer?

A massive 40% drop in internet traffic!!!


It’s a crazy number…40%!  Forty percent went on strike, disappeared or waited it out.

It just shows you how many people are using the Google search tool to buy products, find answers to problems, etc.  And dominating Google is the #1 best way for businesses to make money online today…period.

People go to Amazon to make a purchase because the usually know what they want to buy.  They go to Google for help finding answers, search for the best companies  and the best products to buy.

You need to get your business found online! That’s how important Google is to your business!

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