Mobile Friendly Websites NOT Optional Anymore!

Worcester Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile Friendliness as a Ranking Factor for Websites


Mobile friendly websites are NOT a new topic. For years, SEO experts, online marketers and web designers have known that Google wants your site to be mobile friendly. That means visitors to your website will have a good experience, easy navigation, and a good visual experience no matter what device they are using(desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones). As I said before- this is not a new topic. But what is new is the fact that Google has announced an actual date they want your website to be mobile friendly by and has warned that there will be a rankings penalty for sites that are not compliant. Click here to read the post on Google Webmaster Blog.They have even gone as far as sending out emails via Google Webmaster Tools warning webmasters that the website is not considered mobile friendly and which issues need to be fixed. What does this mean?

Your website could be penalized if it is NOT mobile ready

Penalized how, you ask? Well, if your website is currently ranking on page one and getting good traffic and working for your business the way it should be- you could lose business! It’s just as simple as that. Ask any business who has suffered a sudden drop in search engine rankings  how much that can affect the bottom line it can be from single digital drop in sales to over 70% of online related income. When your website doesn’t rank new customers can not find you!

Responsive Web Design is What Google Loves Best

Responsive design means that the website adjusts for any size screen- from a large desktop screen to a mobile phone. Most newer WordPress sites are responsive, but even if your website is a few years old not all templates were responsive(and still are not).

How do you know if your website is mobile friendly?

Google actually has a website just for that. Click here  and copy/paste your URL(website address) and see if you are compliant.

What to do if you are Not Mobile Friendly

If you are currently a Krush It! Marketing client on a monthly service, we have most likely already contacted you if this is the case. Depending on the platform your website was built on, this can be a small project or could require a rebuild of the site. Either way, f your site is not mobile friendly, just give us a call. We are happy to take a look and make some recommendations for you.