What’s HOT this Summer in Online Marketing for YOUR Worcester Ma Business

What's HOT in Online Marketing this Summer...

What are some of the hottest new things we are seeing in online marketing trends this summer? As Google makes updates and new platforms arise there is a constant change in search engine results.

Some of the new trends that we are seeing online this summer are:

Google Authorship


Did you ever noticed that sometimes someone’s picture shows up alongside the website in search results? This is called Google Authorship. What it does is establishes you as an expert in your field, but it also adds some interest to your search results and makes your website standout with a personal connection. There seems to be a preference to link this to your personal Google plus page and not your company page, although you should have a company page as well as a personal page on Google Plus.

So how do you do this? You need to follow a few instructions to complete this process. It is not a simple process, and it can take up to 30 days for your picture to actually show in the results. The second screen shot shows that I can get my company logo in the search results when I post on my Google Plus page. My authorship has been approved, but I am still waiting to see my personal photo…

Here is a link to some simple instructions for obtaining authorship.



LinkedIn Product Pages. 

I’m starting to see more LinkedIn product pages showing up in search results. While I don’t think you will actually get people to purchase your goods or services through one of these results, it does tell me that Google is giving authority to these product page links – therefore giving you a good link for your websites inner pages. You first must have a LinkedIn company profile, and then you build out your individual products/ service pages. It is highly recommended that you link these to inner pages of your website, not your homepage! There is also an area for a Youtube video – great way to tie all your efforts together and give you more high quality links to all your platforms online/

What is STILL HOT!

Anything mobile!

We live in a multi screen world where people watch the Internet on t.v., while using their laptop, on their phone, and browse their iPad all at the same time!

Make sure that you are reaching people via all their devices, not just their computers!


While mobile sites make it easy for people to call you from their phones, a responsive WordPress website covers all the various screen sizes. Still the best new trend in web design!


Apps for everything!

Mobile apps are now affordable for any business owner. They can link to your website, Facebook or other areas you do business online.


Online Video

We know you are probably sick of us talking about video all of the time, but it is still truly one of the most effective ways to get your phone to ring. We are using geo-targeted videos like a landing or squeeze page- great results, in much less time!
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