photo of Kristine Jones, owner of Krush It Marketing in Massachusetts
Kristine S. Jones, Principal
photo of Brian Jones, owner of Krush It Marketing in Massachusetts
Brian L. Jones, Principal

How Krush It! got started

Who is Krush It Marketing?
Brian Jones and Kristine Jones, Founders
Krush It! got its roots from the years of trial and error doing online marketing for Brian’s family business, Ken Jones Tires. From this process of increasing revenues through online marketing, they have developed a solid approach to help business owners increase their presence online to increase website traffic, leads and sales. Trying to market your business on the internet yourself takes an incredible amount of time that most business owners do not have. Google and the other search engines are always changing and constantly improving search capabilities. As a result of this, business owners need to constantly refine their marketing strategies.

Krush It is dedicated to helping businesses increase their online presence using the latest in online marketing strategies. to increase traffic, leads, and customers.

Krush It Marketing, Inc. specializes in search engine optimization (Google Search), Google Local/Maps and overall online marketing & social media strategy.

Our formula is simple:

  • Get out there and get found
  • Capture leads
  • Follow up on new prospects

We help business owners identify and utilize the most effective online platforms to grow their business!

We accomplish these objectives by applying the latest tools and online strategies on behalf of your business.

Get started ASAP- Taking action quickly on the newest online marketing, social media and mobile marketing platforms will get your business leads and customers more quickly and give your business a greater competitive advantage

Build your Online Marketing program incrementally- Not doing everything at once controls costs by paying for online marketing with new customers and leads.

To integrate all online marketing elements so they work most powerfully with each other- search engines, video, Google My Business (Maps), YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email/mobile marketing.

Let Krush It Marketing determine which efforts will be most effective for your business.

Meet the Joneses

Here is a fun interview we did with Joe D’Eramo from Home Office Hacks. Joe was interviewing couples that work together from home.

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