Has Your Website Lost Traffic Due to a Google Penalty?

Google Penalty Recovery can mean the difference between restoring lost business as a result to loss in rankings or disappearing in Google’s eyes…forever! Even a small slip in keyword rankings can result in significant decreases in clicks, calls, and therefore sales. I have heard from countless business owners devastated by Google Search Rankings drops…sometimes up to a 75% loss of business! With all of the Google Algorithm updates and also changes in Google My Business, if you notice a significant decrease in phone calls or website traffic, it is important to reach out to an SEO expert to have this evaluated further.
Google logo with picture of a penguin and panda (updates)
screen shot from a website that received a Google penalty

How Do You Know if your Website has Received a Google Penalty?

Knowing if your website has received a Google Penalty is not always clear. If your webmaster uses Google Webmaster Tools, there is an area for manual actions that can clearly tell you that your site has been penalized for (usually) spammy links. Other lesser penalties are not always so clear. Sometimes a site will drop in rankings due to algorithmic changes, over optimization, or just a few suspicious links. Slow site speed, mobile friendliness and bounce rates are also affecting where Google decides to have you show in search results. Furthermore, this changes constantly! If your website was ranking well (page 1) and suddenly disappeared, it is likely that you have been penalized. If you dropped from page 1 to say page 2 or 3, it could just be some bouncing around due to the Google updates and changes in their rankings algorithm.

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