With the social media world buzzing this week from new changes announced by Facebook, I spent the last few days reading the changes in policy, evaluating how it will affect my pages and the pages of my clients, and of course, planning on how to not only comply but still use Fan Pages to drive people to your business and continue to engage with customers on a platform they have chosen to participate in.

So without giving you a long report, although I will attach a link to Hubspot’s excellent report on changes, here are the basics…

1. No more landing pages. All visitors will land on your timeline page. we are not sure if this is a permanent change. All current landing pages or tabs will be converted to apps. The maximum number of apps is 12.The tab width size changed from 520 px to 810 px

2. COVER graphic will be 850X 315pixels and has many restrictions.

– You can not ask people to “like” you in the COVER graphics
(this is where I have an issue because people DO need to like your page to continue to receive your postings). Now a “visit to your Facebook” could end up being as meaningless as a “visit” to your website without a call to action/funnel to capture that lead.

– No contact information in this graphic..no website, phone, etc…THIS WILL NOW ALL GO IN THE ABOUT SECTION

-No discounts/offers in this graphic

3.  PROFILE picture will be 180 x 180 that still looks good at thumbnail size: (32 x 32 )…most likely your business logo

4. 4 most important photos will show-this change is actually good. You can now chose which four you think are the most important to show

For a great detailed report of all changes click on link:

YouTube is also making changes to their YouTube Channels. Stay tuned for more information on those changes. For all of your online marketing questions, feel free to call us anytime at Krush It! Web Marketing 774-535-1458 or visit us on the web https://krushitonlinemarketing.com

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