By now, most business owners realize that to compete in today’s world, they must have a web site. They may even have started a Facebook Page or engaged in other forms of social media. But day after day, I am shocked by how many of these beautiful websites are just simply LOST IN CYBERSPACE! What I mean by this is simple. Unless you know the name of that company(and sometimes even need to know the website address), you will never find that website. I can not tell you how many business owners will say, ” I spent all this money on a website and social media, but I haven’t had  one new customer from the internet!”

And how  do we gauge if our marketing is working? It’s simple… are you getting phone calls or are people walking in to your business because they found you on the internet?

So how do you know if your business website is working? Start by doing a simple Google search for the type of product or service you offer with the location of your business. If you are a plumber in Worcester, Ma, you type in Worcester, Ma plumber and see if you show up. If you are looking page after page, and can not find your business by page 3, no one is going to find you. (some consumers do not even go past page 1). Why do you care if you show up? 97% of consumers are going to search on the internet before they buy something or hire someone…97%. That percentage is impossible to ignore!

So, if you are not there, what do you do?

First, check to see if your site is indexed: Go to a Google search and type in site:(your website name)

If the website does not come up, you can not be found by the search engines.

Second, make sure your company name, address and phone number is at the bottom of each page of your website(and anywhere else you are on the web). The address and phone number must match EXACTLY EVERYWHERE! If you use St. instead of street, make sure you use it the same everywhere. Your number needs to be typed out exactly the same…774-535-1458 and (774)535-1458 can confuse the search process.

Next, talk to your web designer. Make sure the TITLE of each webpage will help consumers find you. Each page should have a good DESCRIPTION using CONTENT from each page on your site that tells people where you are and what you do. Use the keywords that you would use when searching for a business like yours.

These simple steps can make a big difference in helping that next customer find you or your competition!!!

For more information on increasing your  business presence on the internet visit or call 774-535-1458 for a free analysis.

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