Krush it! Web Marketing Advises Businesses to Build An Online Legacy.

When business owners think about the internet and their business, the first focus seems to be that they need a website. And once that pretty website is complete, buyers will be flooding into the store ready to buy. Sadly in many cases, the only results they have gotten is an extra invoice from the web design firm.

“Why isn’t my website working? … I thought the internet was the next great thing for my business?”
Business owners are right to ask these questions. Your website should be more than just a beautiful brochure advertising your business. It should give your business a boost and dramatically increase your sales…IF you understand HOW to make it work for your business and you WORK at it every month.

Your website is not a “set it and forget it” tool. You must build content and backlinks to your site to give you website more authority with the search engines.

Think about a buyer who calls you on the phone and tells you they found you by googling your type of business or service and found a video. They watched the video, saw that you are an expert in your field and called. That’s great, but then you think to yourself, that video was done back in 2009. WOW! How many other types of advertising or marketing will be found years later, and keep driving people to your business?

Krush It! Web Marketing calls it “Building a Legacy”. The best thing about marketing on the internet is your online marketing is always working for you. Advertising in the Yellow Pages, newspapers, radio, tv and direct mail still works to a degree, BUT as soon as you stop, it stops. Online marketing using articles, blogs, video, press releases, Facebook, Twitter etc. builds fantastic content and backlinks to your website. But more importantly, you are building your legacy which remains out there on the internet forever.The more content you put online about your business, the better chance you will be found. Your legacy grows exponentially.

Now, compare that to your traditional advertising I mentioned earlier. How many of those forms of marketing work when you stop paying the bill?

Think about it.

Your marketing dollar spent on online marketing works forever. How many other forms of advertising do this? Build your legacy and grow your sales using online marketing. Call Krush It! Web Marketing 774-535-1458 today and begin your business’ online legacy today!

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