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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a service that can be complicated to explain.  Basically, it breaks down to making your website easier for the search engine robots (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…) to understand what products and or services you offer to customers in a specific service area. The first step is an extensive research process, specific to your industry. This is NOT just keyword research – that is only the beginning.  We analyze the websites that are ranking on the top of page one in Google and try to determine why they rank. That is the beginning of formulating a good strategy to be competitive in your field online. A common analogy is, “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”  In the online world one might say, “If you build a website, and no one sees it, does it really exist?  Or would you erect a billboard in the middle of the woods where there is no traffic and no one will ever see it?  Of course not…You have invested money, time and effort into building a website that represents your company and brand. Search Engine Optimization is what will help potential customers FIND YOUR WEBSITE.

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Krush It! Marketing grew out of own online marketing journey with our family distribution and e-commerce business. We use real business experience with growing a business online and take the time to make sure that each recommended approach is appropriate for your business.

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Why choose Krush It over other digital agencies?

Chess vs. Checkers Strategy
  • Founded by business owners that compete online on a national level..street savvy experience from the trenches.
  • Start to finish project management. You work directly with the experts…not sold by sales then handed off to account reps.
  • Local, regional and national clients
  • No “cookie cutter” one size fits all approach. All industries and individual businesses have different needs. Our strategies are customized for each client.
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Our Online Marketing & SEO Process

  1. Research and Analysis
  2. This is the most important step in the process.  We discover what the customer’s goals are with their online presence and evaluate your competition – both online and offline.

  3. Identify opportunities
  4. Identify keywords and “low hanging fruit” opportunities that will drive customers to your business.

  5. Develop a Strategy
  6. Identify the most effective platforms for your industry and develop a plan to utilize them to drive traffic to your business.

  7. On-site website optimization
  8. This is where the magic starts.  We build the foundation necessary to support rankings, organic traffic, revenue growth and ROI.

  9. Link Building
  10. Industry relevant links built monthly will supercharge your rankings on Google and make you phone ring! Build your brand presence online and “digital legacy” for your business.

  11. Rinse and Repeat
  12. Create the “snowball” effect- It is very easy to quickly become obsolete online- with new websites, new competitors and new content constantly being published, you need to make sure you consistently get your brand out there to stay “in the game.”

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Google Search Is All About Relevant Search Results

Google has grown to be the #1 search engine in the world by providing its users with the best, most relevant search results to their customers. People do their research and then search for products and services to purchase. Our responsibility is to help Google find your business and show it on page #1 of the search results. Buyers view the search results as a ranking of the best companies, in Google’s eyes, that answers their request. People not only search keyword phrases like, “Worcester SEO”, many type questions for their search like “What is the best SEO company in Worcester?” … which is why content is so important. Branding – logos, pictures and styling – make your website beautiful, but SEO, content and link building gets your website found by the Google bots..

Improve your Website Traffic with High Quality SEO Services

Everyone claims to offer SEO services these days…advertisers, web developers, and many sales people who work for any type of marketing agency. While it may seem impressive to go with a huge agency or company, what we have found is that companies that focus on too many services tend to not have the best SEO practices. Internet marketing is literally changing minute by minute. Our vast network of SEO specialists provides the latest cutting edge strategies in online marketing and search. You get the personalized services of a small agency with the resources of the very best minds in SEO in the world!
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Let’s Krush It!

Contact Krush It Marketing to determine which online efforts will be most effective to grow YOUR business.

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