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Our Skill

The following is a list of services that we provide you to help you accelerate your sales growth with the goal of dominating your market.
[accordion title=”Strategy & Planning”]

You can’t build a “true” house without a solid foundation. That’s why we first follow the below steps to determine the best course of action for YOU:


  • Benchmark your current sales volume
  • Determine your desired goal(s)
  • Catalog your available resources and collateral materials
  • Analyze your competition and determine how formidable they may or may not be
  • Identify the budget for the project


After which, we will work with you to create an implementation plan that fits into your budget and will achieve your stated goal within the projected time frame.

[accordion title=”Wordpress Website and/or Blog”]

You may have a website, you may not. The real question is,

How much business can you directly attribute to your website?!?

Most websites, even the “good” ones, are little more than fancy online brochures. The problem is, even the best looking brochure is worthless if no one sees it!
Think of your website as the “hub” of a wheel. All of your other marketing efforts (the spokes), should lead back to the “hub”. And once at the “hub”, your site needs to be able to engage, provide value and interact with your prospects in order to start converting from “lookers” to action takers – buying!
If your website is not designed to engage, interact with and capture customers, in a measurable way, then you’re missing a key component in your marketing.

[accordion title=”Social Media Marketing”]

When we refer to “Social Media”, we’re referring to the big “four”:


  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


We will customize and optimize your social media channels so you can interact with your customers where they “hang out”, capture their information, convert them into customers and nurture them into raving fans. Depending upon your available time and budget, you can either manage your Social Media channels yourself or contract with us to do it for you.

[accordion title=”Streaming Video”]

There’s no more powerful marketing tool than properly crafted video. We’ll help you tell YOUR STORY to your leads and prospects to build authority and rapport. We’ll help you


  • Script,
  • Shoot,
  • Edit,
  • Render (produce), and
  • Post


your message on your primary website, your Blog and your “mini-websites” (if you opt to include these in your marketing plan). We’ll help you from A-Z to make sure your putting your best foot forward.

[accordion title=”Local Directories and Maps”]

Most businesses still haven’t taken advantage of the mapping features and directory listings available to them. We’re talking about when you type in for a local business and a map shows up with “stick pins” in it showing where the businesses are located. Additionally, if done properly, in addition to your business address, you can inlcude


  • Your phone number,
  • Your hours,
  • The types of products/services you offer,
  • Video, and more.
  • Identify the budget for the project


We’ll get you set up in a slew of Directories so you can be easily found and this will also increase your page ranking (where you show up in the search…towards the top is preferable!)

[accordion title=”Automated Follow-Up Systems and Campaigns”]

Let’s face it, no one has the time or patience to sit in front of a computer all day responding to and following up with all of the hundreds and (hopefully!) thousands of prospects that we’re going to drive to your site.

Thankfully, boring repetitive tasks are EXACTLY what computers are good for!

We’ll set up a completely automated system to gently ease your prospects to an inevitable conclusion… that there’s one provider of the product or service they seek that stands head and shoulders above the rest…YOU!

[accordion title=”Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”]

As a natural extension of all of the other activities that we’ll be working on with you, you’re going to see your page ranking skyrocket (this of course is somewhat dependent upon where you start).
There are two types of “optimization” (referring to making your site “search engine friendly”), On-Page and Off-Page

Refers to the things we can do on your website to make the search engines flock to you like “Doves to Breadcrumbs”. This would include:


  • Keywords,
  • Meta Tags and Descriptions
  • Alt Tags


Off Page

Refers to those things we do to get “links” (spokes) to your site to show the search engines that you’re worthy of high page rankings because of the great content you’re offering the world! This would include:


  • Article Writing,
  • Public Relations Pieces,
  • Mini-Sites, and
  • A Whole Bunch More!


We’ll work with you to craft a plan that fits into your budget while extracting as much internet marketing “juice” as possible.


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