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Social media marketing is here to stay! While some business owners may argue about the effectiveness of social media, Google likes engagement, and social media is just that…engaging with your customers and potential leads. It also provides another platform to showcase your services, promotions, products and work.

We hear many business owners say, “I’ve never gotten any new business from social media.”

That can mean a few things; either you are not using the proper social media platforms, or you are not using social media effectively. For many types of businesses, social media may NOT be the silver bullet they expect it to be.

Social Media can be a very effective online platform to grow your business…

For instance, if you sell cupcakes, doughnuts or are a baby photographer, a strong following on social media may be all you need to grow your business. But for many business owners, engaging content does not always come that easy…

Having said that, ALL BUSINESSES NEED SOME SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE. In todays world (and in Google’s world) it gives your business authority online. Consumers are turning to social media to “check out” companies but are also often looking for recommendations on social media from others that they know, like and trust.

checkers versus chess for online marketing strategy

It all comes down to strategy…

Social media strategy should be evaluated as part of your overall online presence. What makes us a little bit different is we help you identify which platforms would be most effective to actually increase business. This helps you determine where your resources (time energy and of course, MONEY) are best utilized to actually grow sales.

Let’s Krush It!

Contact Krush It Marketing to discuss and determine which social media and online strategies will be most effective for your business!

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