The Six-Step “Blast Off” Process

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A Burning Need


[one_sixth] . [/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] The first step in the process is to determine a burning need that your product or service fills for your customers. As the saying goes:


[blockquote align=”center”]Sell Holes, not Drills.[/blockquote]

You’ll want to choose something that has a high perceived value and that is in high demand.  We want to make sure that the market is large enough to generate sufficient sales to obtain at least a 3 to one return on your investment.  [/five_sixth_last]

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Become the Authority


[one_sixth] . [/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] Once you’ve determined the product or service that you’re going to focus upon for your promotion, the next step is to review your position in Google Places.

Google Places is the area of Google that lists a limited number of businesses that are near to your prospect’s search criteria. It then lists them and also shows them as “stick pins” on a small Google map of the area.

The effort to get your location showing up in the “coveted” Top Seven targeted locations relies heavily on the competition in your area for those same top spots. If there’s not much competition, we should be able to get you listed in local searches fairly quickly. If there’s a lot of competition, you’ll need some patience as we methodically build your presence online with a specific focus on Google Places ranking criteria.

This requires an in depth understanding of keywords, citations, directory listings, on-page website optimization and more.  Once all of this online mumbo-jumbo has been tweaked, we can continue to work on the number of directories we register your site with and ensure all the information is entered optimally to maximize your search results and get into that desirable Top Seven spot.  [/five_sixth_last]

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Hanging The Carrot


[one_sixth] . [/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] After you’ve established yourself in your marketplace, the next step is to give away something of high-perceived (notice we said perceived value, not necessarily actual value) that you’ll give away in exchange for the name and email of your prospect.

This can take the form of a coupon, a free report, an educational email series, an educational video series or anything else you can think of from which your prospects will benefit. This will likely be the first interaction you have with your prospect, so you’ll want to make a VERY good impression!

The point is, it must be enticing enough to compel your prospect to want to give you their email address or cell phone number in order to receive what you’re offering. And, since they’ve taken a risk by giving you some of their personal information it must at a minimum match, and ideally, exceed their expectations. [/five_sixth_last]

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Build The Tools


[one_sixth] . [/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] Next, comes all the fulfillment of the promise.  We’ll need to

  • Create a wireframe of any sites we’ll be building
  • Choose color scheme and look/feel of the site
  • Write site copy/create the graphics
  • Optimize the site for the search engines
  • Script, shoot, edit and render any video we may be utilizing
  • Setting up the Capture Forms and auto-followup sequences
  • etc., etc., etc.

I think you get the point.  There’s a lot to do, although we don’t have to do it all at once.  We have the man-power for a fast implementation, or if you prefer or your budget dictates, we can determine which tools will reap you the best rate of return and start there as we move through a complete online Social Media Marketing plan.[/five_sixth_last]

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Blast Out the Word


[one_sixth] . [/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] Once all the content has been created and all the tools are in place and the on-page optimization has been taken care of, it’s time to Blast the word out via a number of Social Media channels.

This is done through

  • Directory registrations,
  • Article submissions,
  • Video syndication,
  • Press Release submissions
  • Backlinking
  • Email blasts to pre-existing and new subscribers,
  • Posting on your Blog and other Social Media environments,
  • Building out your Social Media platforms, such as
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  • Growing your
    • Friends/Likes,
    • Subscribers/Friends.
    • Following/Followers, and
    • Connections

By strategically building your Social Media alliances, you drive prospects back to your websites where they opt-in to receive your “Free Content” and the dialogue really begins![/five_sixth_last]

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Nurture, Retain and Repeat


[one_sixth] . [/one_sixth] [five_sixth_last] If you’re going to put in all that effort, it certainly makes sense to keep your customers happy and clamoring for more.  There’s no easier prospect to sell than a satisfied past client.  

You’ll want to continue to nurture those relationships though ongoing educational content, discounts, free offers, and such.  Life is busy.  It’s important to maintain your position of authority and to keep your top-of-mind status so that when they or an acquaintance of theirs needs your product or service, there’s absolutely no question as to who they’ll refer to or buy from.

That’s why after we’ve built out your Social Media platform, we’ll help you maintain it so that you stay “Top of the List” in the search engines and  “Top of Mind” with your customers. [/five_sixth_last]

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