Spring Cleaning for Worcester MA Business OnlineSpring Cleaning For Your Business

Online Marketing Strategy

With the snow finally melting and spring starting to show after a long New England winter, it’s a time to clean out our homes, garages, and yards.
It also should be a good time to “spring clean” your businesses presence on the Internet. Here are a few steps you can take to quickly “spring clean” your online marketing for your business.

1.Take a fresh look at your website.

  • Is all of the information current and accurate?
  • Can someone tell in 8 seconds, what you do?
  • Is your website easy-to-use?
  • Can your customers find what they are looking for?
  • Is it easy for them to find you and call you??

2.Google the name of your business and see what pops up in the search results.

You may be surprised to find an old address or an old phone number. There maybe a tracking number that someone you hired set up for you and other incorrect information that you need to update.

3. Add some fresh pictures.

4. Google loves fresh content!

  • Add some new content to the pages on your website.
  • Consider adding helpful tips for a potential customer
  • Publish a blog post. Either on your website or any other free blogging platform if you are unable to blog on your own website.
  • Consider a press release if you have some new products, employees,services, etc… search engines LOVE press releases!

5. Next make sure you check out your business website on an iPhone, smartphone, and an iPad.

  • Can you easily view your website?
  • Can someone find your phone number or directions easily?

With the latest RESPONSIVE word press themes and mobile sites your website on a mobile device should be as easy to you use as your regular website.
6. Add your business to online listings and create social properties to increase your brand awareness. If you are short on time to do this your self you can hire a company that will build social properties and list your website online for you.

This is one tip that I truly need to heed my own advice! We are always so busy working in our business, we forget to work on our own business.
So let’s take advantage of this time of year as an opportunity to freshen up our business online as we would our own homes.

Need help? Call Krush It! to do your online spring cleaning for you.
Call 774-535-1458 or contact me via email by clicking here.

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