Ten Reasons to LOVE Online Video

1.   32% of all internet traffic right now is on Youtube.

2.   54% of Internet traffic is video.

3.    For every 1 keyword there are 4,600,000 articles competing for the first page of Google…for every 1 keyword there are only 16,000 videos competing for the first page of Google!

Google is giving video content more weight, making it easier for you to rank.

4.   People would rather watch something than read something.

Attention spans are very short online. No matter how important and relevant your text content may be, getting people to actually read it can be a challenge. Video is a more interesting way to get people to listen to what you have to say.

5.   Youtube is the second largest search engine and is owned by Google.

There is a reason why Google bought Youtube! The traffic on Youtube is hard to ignore.

6.    Gives you an opportunity to talk to your potential customers BEFORE they even meet you! Turn a cold contact into a warm lead and nurture the relationship.

7.     Establish yourself as an expert in your industry by giving GOOD INFORMATION that people actually want to know.

8.     Videos can “humanize” your website.

Most websites contain some kind of “about us” text, and maybe some pictures. But a one minute video of a business owner telling customers why their company is the one I should do business with can be very compelling!

9.     Gain an edge over your competition’s websites.

If you are in a competitive market with a lot of great websites- make yours stand out! Use videos to answer frequently asked questions, guide them through your website or even give them a tour of your business.

10.   Video will enhance your Social Media Content. Grabs people’s attention!

Back to the “people would rather watch something than read about it” bit… Make what you have to say more interesting, more entertaining. Have fun with it!

BONUS #11. You probably already own all the right equipment to shoot your own good quality video- your iPhone or Droid!


Online video is NOT out of reach ($$$) for any business.  Krush It! has starter lead capture video packages up to high end branding videos.

Some business owners see videos by a local chamber or a phonebook (now online) company  for $995 and think it is too costly…

We can do starter videos, loaded to youtube, optimized with professional voiceover for as little as $300.00!

Just like a website or Blog post, online video needs to be SEO(search engine optimized) in order to be found. Videos will not help your customers find you if it is just sitting on your website. Your video needs to be used as a tool to get your business IN AS MANY PLACES AS POSSIBLE on the internet. Krush It! Web Marketing will do thorough key word research and optimize all of your online video projects so you can target your audience. We then syndicate your video so it can be found by the search engines.
Any questions? Feel free to call or email us anytime at 774-535-1458. Or visit our website by clicking here.


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